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AudiO Dvina
music assisted contemplative prayer

Mary Terry Rankin, MA

  1. BulletAUDIO DIVINA is simple: All you need is 20 minutes of quiet and your preferred musical device (CD player, iPhone, iPad, etc.). There is no need to set a timer. Just find a comfortable sitting or prayer position, turn on the music program and listen. Allow the music to carry you into deep quiet and back out again. A period of silence is included in the program. This simple practice is effective for beginners as well as those who are seeking to deepen a well-established prayer routine.

  1. BulletAUDIO DIVINA deepens sacred silence: Carefully selected music has the power to deepen contemplative prayer and meditation. Audio Divina is designed to enhance the experience of sacred silence, and to facilitate a receptivity to Divine encounter. This self-guided listening practice offers a quality of silence that can be nourishing for body, mind and spirit.

  1. BulletAUDIO DIVINA enhances psychological and spiritual development: While technology has improved our world in many ways, our reliance on television and the internet promotes a dominance of visual stimulus over auditory stimulus. Our listening function plays an important role in psychological development and spiritual growth. Sensitive music listening is a tool that can help revive our ability to listen to each other and to God.

"The (music) pieces Mary Terry Rankin has chosen are celestial and incarnational at the same time, working their way into the inner self on the way to silence."                                                        -The Reverend Paula Porter Leggett

  1. *Lectio divina is Latin for “sacred reading.” It is a method of reading and praying with Scripture that has deep roots in the history of monasticism. There are four basic steps in lectio divina: reading (What does this text say?), meditation (What does this text say to me?), prayer (What do I want to say to God through this text?) and contemplation (quiet resting in God’s presence).

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What is

Audio Divina?

AUDIO DIVINA (sacred listening) is a music-assisted contemplative prayer practice.

Designed for contemporary spiritual seekers, AUDIO DIVINA combines modern music therapy principles with an ancient Christian prayer form called Lectio Divina* (sacred reading).

Audio Divina: A Prayer Practice Both Ancient and New